Back In The Swing

The last two weeks haven’t been particularly conducive to self-directed learning of any kind.  I made several short road trips for work and we’re making final preparations for a total building move.  I’m hoping to regain my footing in this upcoming week.  I did complete ESRI’s Do-It-Yourself Geo Apps MOOC.  The session I attended is over but it looks like they’ll be offering it again this year.  There was a lot of good information.

Segueing into that my department is working with another to make some of our relevant information publicly available, using some of the platforms and data covered in the MOOC.  We’ve never done something like this before and it’s been a really positive learning experience.  I do want to learn other GIS platforms-knowing multiple ways to solve a problem is better than only knowing one-but it’s hard to beat ESRI’s tools for a quick, comprehensive way to deploy data that is also simple for non-GIS folks.  I had my first techie meetup.  Great group.