The Hard Way

I’m about a third of the way Learn Python the Hard Way.  Progress has been uneven but generally forward.  I’m in a frustrating position.  I’ve learned a fair bit of actual programming in web environments (Code Academy, Khan Academy, whatever) but no command line whatsoever.  Hard Way jumps immediately into command line.  I’m glad for that but the book is more self-directed than I expected.  Programmers need to be independent, but it could be more balanced between “baby steps” and “here, go look this up”.  Okay, that’s enough whining.  On to module review.

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  1. id be happy to answer any questions you have about the command line. ive been using one since 1985, in dos 3, 5, 6, windows 3, 95/98, xp/7/8, mac os/x and several gnu/linux distros.

    the more you learn about programming, the more annoying it gets to not have a command line. of course some people manage to avoid it forever. the command line gives you access to virtually everything on the computer– sometimes a graphical interface is easier, at least. other times, its just in the way.

    the command line rewards you for your experience. it isnt just a timesaver, it reduces the over-complexity of many tasks, provided you can type and that you have an auto-complete feature to save typing every single key.

    but it isnt always like that, especially when youre expecting something different. what i can tell you is, no one thinks theyre going to fall in love with it. going from the dos command line to the more powerful gnu/linux one, i never thought it would be comfortable, only powerful. thats a lot what its like to learn the command line in general. you never think its going to make your life easier, until it does.

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  2. Thank you! I’ve used the IDLE GUI. It has a purpose but I’m seeing the value of command line. It’s still kind of intimidating and I’m nervous about sending my computer’s brain into spasms.


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