I’ve worked in GIS for a while and I’ve made a lot of pretty maps.  I’ve enjoyed it but I want to stay relevant in a field that keeps moving forward exponentially.  I’ve learned basic Python (Code Academy) and JavaScript (Khan Academy).  I gave myself a crash course in web GIS by using TileMill (evolved into Mapbox Studio) to create a traffic volume map – it was simpler than trying to explain vehicle counts over the phone.  I didn’t take any coding classes in college and the need for it was never really made clear.  I’m off to a late start but I’m making up for lost time and there are so many good resources out there that I’m spoiled for choice.  I see this as a place where I can record what happens, good or bad.  Trying to outlogic a computer tends to end in infinite loops for both the machine and the user.  Here goes nothing!

3 thoughts on “Beginnings

  1. Hi there! I think keeping a record is a good idea. I’ve only been in the industry 2-3 years, apart from uni experience, and it is one of those things which is seems to be rapidly changing and evolving, which is both exciting and scary at times!

    I’ve had a similar path in having to teach myself Mapbox, Python and Javascript and sounds like you’re further down the line perhaps which is good. Sounds like you’re doing the right things, and passion and attitude goes a long way, and I think sometimes despite all the latest trends, I think more people are in the same boat in skills and up-to-dateness, if that makes sense.

    All the best!

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